September 22, 2023
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World Health Day 2020: Thank You, Nurses, and Midwives!

In March 2020, the deadly SARS-CoV2, a novel coronavirus known to cause the COVID-19, continue to reach its peak. Day after day, thousands of people are afflicted, and thousands perish at the hands of the fatal disease. It prompted the world to pause and take a break, as everyone is encouraged to stay at home to stop it from spreading. Although, for the front liners, it becomes a race against time to save lives.

This World Health Day 2020, it is essential to thank the front line workers who risk their lives to save others. Not only the doctors, but there are also nurses and midwives who all deserve recognition as today’s unsung heroes. Thank you, dear strangers, who sacrifice time, effort, and even love for people whom they do not even know.

Why Thank the Nurses & Midwives on the World’s Health Day 2020!

Facts from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that at least 50% of the world’s health workforce is comprised of a mixture of nurses and midwives. Even so, people from this branch of healthcare workers are still at risk of shortages. Without a doubt, they have to work double and triple time to accommodate the needs of people who need their services.

In times of crisis– a world-class pandemic, as is the case, the health sectors all around the world would be crippled without them. Think of Florence Nightingale, a lady born from a wealthy family in Italy, but has a genuine intent to serve. Despite her family’s hindrances, she was able to pursue studying nursing in Germany and Paris.

Not long after, she began making a name for herself in the nursing community. In 1853, she was called to lead a battalion of 38 nurses to fight alongside doctors for the soldiers who are sick and wounded during the Crimean War. While the doctors were unwelcoming at first, they realized that they do indeed need the services of the nurses.

With their help in providing nutritious food, sanitation, and bringing of medical supplies, the death rate went from 40% to 2%. Soon after, Nightingale became known as the “Lady with the Lamp,” the woman who saved thousands of soldiers. Nurses helped her accomplish this triumph.

In the same way, midwives are a vital part of any healthcare system. Sometimes forgotten, these people work hard to save the lives of mothers and children. While the history of midwifery remains unclear, one thing is sure. In essence, these people exist to save the lives of women and have successfully done so for hundreds of years.

WHO states that at least 358,000 women die of complications during pregnancy or after giving birth, and two million babies die within 24 hours of birth. It cannot be blamed on the people, instead, on the inadequacies of healthcare all around the world.

Call To Action

Most of the time, patients who spend some time in the hospital build more trust with the nurses who provide care as the doctors work on the results. So, their job extends beyond patient care. Slowly, these people become confidants, friends, and even family for the patients. No matter how tired they are, they always have to plaster a smile on their faces to gain the patient’s trust and honesty.

Midwives, on the other hand, are vital parts of society. Aside from family planning, these experts could help avert over 80% of maternal and infant deaths relating to pregnancy and postnatal care. Like nurses, they thrive on patient trust to give the utmost care warranted by the situation.

In times of an outbreak, such as the case of COVID-19, these people are as indispensable as doctors and specialists. They thrive to provide the care needed in the absence of doctors. That is why it is essential to make them feel loved, cared for, and important. Sometimes, a simple “thank you” is not enough.

The nurses and midwives alike dedicated years of their lives knowing their craft and how to provide quality service to people. They deserve the right to re-educate and train to hone their skills. At the same time, receive remuneration equal to the duty they give.

Keep them in mind so long as the cases soar, recognize their efforts as the numbers drop, thank them each time someone perishes or recovers, for sure they have tried their best. When this is all over, remember to call on the government officials to take action, provide what these healthcare professionals deserve, not merely what they need.

Thank You

As the world celebrates another World Health Day, tell everyone who fought on the frontlines- doctors, nurses, midwives, security personnel, maintenance people, and everyone else risking their lives to save yours- thank you. You are trying your best, and we thank you every minute of it.

When this is all over, may it be our turn to protect their lives to clamour for the recognition and compensation that these people deserve. Let it be a reminder that they sacrificed their own lives to protect yours. 

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