1. General

MDForLives welcomes healthcare professionals, allied health professionals, and patients alike.

Register with us by signing up here. Enter your contact details and verify with the OTP. Provide your medical license and demographic details during your account creation. And you’re in.

The screening process may involve questions related to your profession and specialty (if applicable), professional title, and demographic questions and will not take more than 5 minutes.

Our screener is imperative in ensuring that panelists like you will receive the relevant surveys and be well-informed about participating in our healthcare surveys.

You can update your profile information on MDForLives by logging into your account and accessing the ‘My Account’ section. From there, you can update the details of your profile, such as your name, contact information, and any other information you’d like to keep up to date.

No, there is no subscription or membership fee associated with MDForLives.

If your account information is incorrect, you can update it by logging into your account and providing your updated account information. You can also reach out to support@mdforlives.com if you are unable to update your details.

First and foremost, we are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your subscription. If you are experiencing a problem, please send it to support@mdforlives.com so that we can help you as best we can. Based on your suggestions, we will do everything in our power to improve MDForLives. Nevertheless, if you still wish to unsubscribe from being a member, you can follow the instructions on the website or the subscription confirmation emails. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

2. Surveys

After completing the registration process, you will start receiving surveys from us regularly.

Absolutely not! We have a strict policy to protect our subscribers from receiving unwanted or unsolicited survey requests. We take great pride in ensuring that our subscribers receive only relevant and meaningful survey content.

No, you are not obligated to participate in all the surveys to which you are invited. You can choose to participate in only the surveys that you feel comfortable with. However, we recommend you attempt to answer the surveys you have been invited to.

The length of surveys will vary depending on the purpose of the survey. However, most surveys typically take between 5-30 minutes to complete.

No, the survey invitation is intended only for the recipient and should not be shared with others. It emphasizes the importance of each participant completing the survey independently to ensure the accuracy of the data. Additionally, it helps prevent the potential for multiple responses from a single person, which can skew the results and compromise the survey's integrity.

It is possible that the reward associated with the study or survey has yet to be released. Please contact us at support@mdforlives.com to seek further clarification.

Yes, you can still participate in other studies. Even if you have been terminated from a study, it does not mean that you will be automatically excluded from all other studies. Each study has its own set of criteria to determine eligibility, so it is best to review the requirements of any other studies you are interested in participating in.

The information you provide through surveys improves healthcare products, services, treatments and overall healthcare. In your role as a panelist, you contribute to improving the healthcare industry one step at a time.

It's possible that your eligibility criteria may not match the requirements of the survey, or there may not be any surveys currently available that match your profile. It is also possible that the surveys may have expired or been filled already. You may want to check back periodically to see if any new surveys have become available.

Surveys are sent out regularly and you can expect to receive one or more surveys each month.

3. Rewards and redemption

The amount of compensation you receive will vary based on the length and complexity of the survey. Please refer to the specific survey for details on the type of compensation you will receive.

To cash out your rewards, log into your account, navigate to the rewards tab and select the redeem button. You can then choose from our various gift partners. Please note you will be able to redeem only when you reach your redemption threshold.

The time it takes to redeem your rewards will vary depending on the type of reward you choose. Generally, it will take 7-10 days for rewards to be redeemed. Please note that certain rewards may take longer to process.

Please contact our team for assistance if you don't receive your E-gift Card within 7-10 days of redemption. You can reach us at support@mdforlives.com

Yes, you can track your reward earnings & redemptions with the help of your account dashboard. You can easily monitor your reward earnings & redemptions for any given period by simply logging into your account.

No, you cannot donate your compensation or have it sent to someone other than yourself. You can, however, redeem your points and buy something for someone from our brand partners.

4. Data and Privacy

To ensure the optimum value of your time and opinions, we will invite you only to those surveys that best match your demographic profile and interests. To do so, we require a certain level of personal information from you. This information is used only to profile each member for the sole purpose of our surveys. We respect privacy and support the rights of its members by limiting the use of your information for legitimate research purposes only. For more information about our privacy policy, click here.

Several medical/pharmaceutical companies and research companies seek authentic opinions from us. We help them by providing your views on issues related to the surveys. Your responses give clients a general idea of what the healthcare industry's future should be like. The data you submit will be shared with the organizations we serve.