One of the busiest jobs in this generation is probably that of the healthcare professionals. And, when you make time in your busy schedule to take surveys and provide us with your opinions, we acknowledge you.

We show our gratitude for your efforts by facilitating you with an honorarium.

The moment you sign up for MDforLives, you start earning honorarium. Every survey you take can fetch you anywhere between $50-$500 depending upon the survey, your speciality, and the country you reside. Furthermore, we offer many Continuing Medical Education(CME) opportunities to help you build your credits in your country. You can utilize our CME opportunities through edX or Coursera or avail the honoraria through PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

What is CME?

Continuing Medical Education is a form of medical education to help professionals in the medical field to bolster knowledge and stay up to date with the latest development in the healthcare arena. The CME initiative is carried on through several mediums such as online programs, written papers, events, or audio/video media. Coursera and edX are online platforms that offer open online learning courses and degrees. These are one of the many ways by which medicos can avail CME.

You can tap on this golden opportunity on MDforLives by taking surveys and getting paid. Redeem the honoraria to avail discount vouchers on Coursera and edX, and continue to enhance your skills.

When you are registering with us, kindly confirm your mode of payment. Once you select it, relax back and take survey, your honorarium will be credited promptly to your chosen method of payment.

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