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The Fastest Growing Healthcare Community

A global community of healthcare professionals and patients to enhance healthcare through online market research.

The fastest growing healthcare community

About Us

MDForLives is a unique community of healthcare professionals and patients who are helping shape the future of the healthcare industry through research, group discussions, and live webinars to provide healthcare companies with valuable data from around the world. We specialize in medical market research surveys and conduct focus groups on crucial topics, including the likes of drug development, innovations and launches of medical devices, and the relevance and safety of diverse healthcare services.

The MDForLives Difference


We provide in-depth market research solutions to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies through paid medical surveys, interviews, discussion forums, and other medical research surveys. With our global access to a robust panel, we conduct quantitative and qualitative research at all scales.


Our panel comprises 1.3+ million patients and 900,000 verified healthcare professionals around the globe. We cover physicians, nurses, Allied health professionals, hospital personnel, key decision-makers, and KOLs across all major therapy areas.


We have 7+ years of experience and deep industry knowledge. Our panel covers more than 150+ specialties and shares highly valuable insights that help healthcare organizations understand the current situation and make better decisions.


We follow the highest quality standards without compromising on information security. GDPR & CCPA certification for our physician panel affirms our commitment to stringent information security.

Our Communities


Our paid medical surveys are designed to gather patient feedback, preferences, and experiences. Patient engagement is crucial for the healthcare industry, and we strive to ensure that the patients' voices are heard.

Healthcare Professionals

Medical surveys at MDForLives are designed to gather inputs from Healthcare professionals like you, who have unique experiences that no textbook can ever match. Healthcare professionals like you are vital to the industry, so we try to maintain a panel of researchers who understand its importance.

Allied Healthcare

Online medical surveys allow allied health professionals like you to stay on top of the latest developments in your field, which improves patient care and furthers your career.


The Gold at ESOMAR 2021 awards is an honor for us.
Active participant in PMRC, Pharma CI, and Intellus WorldWide.

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